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Solutions to Close Every Deal


  • Track the revenue generated by your NIL deals. 
  • Track and claim royalties from secondary sales of your digital collectibles.


  • Choose from our library of templatized NIL contracts. Modify terms to fit your brand and individual athlete agreement.

IP Management

  • Track ownership and claim royalties of your NFT products using Polygon


  • Easy payment processing with ACH, credit card, and crypto payments


  • As an approved vendor, we ensure all of your products are compliant by CLC's approved standards.


  • Simple 1099 reporting powered by Stripe

NFT Creations

  • Add images, video, audio, and legal documents on your NFTs to provide fans an immersive viewing experience.


  • The NFT Obsesh Lockr provides you with a personalized Collective eCommerce Marketplace

The only Web3, end-to-end, turn-key NIL digital sports platform to create a direct connection between athletes, fans, and supporters.

For Universities & Collectives

  • Easily monetize and manage athlete NIL opportunities all in one place.

  • All the tools and Web3 blockchain infrastructure to manage assets and IP.

  • Set up and operate a full marketplace to increase income in minutes to save time.

  • No upfront costs with full team and training support.


For Athletes

Create your own personal shop and engagement platform without any costs. 

  • Increase your income in minutes

  • Build your personal brand

  • List and price any and all products

  • Enable self-promotion to engage with your fans & supporters

  • Leverage plug & play smart contracts to monitor and protect licensing agreements with your sponsors

  • Manage it all transparently and securely

  • No upfront costs with full team and training support

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"With a few hundred true fans where I can promote my brand, I can see a 6-figure income and an engaged community!"
Shy Battle
NC State
"The Obsesh Lockr marketplace is exactly what I needed to help manage all my NIL opportunities and sell my merch on one easy-to-use platform"
Kennedy Todd Williams
UNC Tarheels
"Obsesh digital sports platform powered by Beasy blockchain is like lightening in a bottle"
NC State
Pack of Wolves Collective

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What's New in BEASY Sports.

Obsesh And Beasy Ink Partnership To Give Athletes Easy Access To NFTs

The New NFT-Enabled Marketplace Will Allow Amateur Athletes And User-Communities To Mint, Create, Trade, And Manage Their Name, Image, And Likeness, Across The Blockchain


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NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have changed the way that the world views digital ownership. For athletes, who previously had little to no control over their image and media, NFTs are a new frontier to monetize everything that makes them unique and special. Athletes can now release their own digital artwork, monetize their highlights, create multi-dimensional experiences for their fans, and sign smart contracts that give them the ability to own more details of their transactions.

Obsesh, the premier online marketplace to access 1:1 Remote Live Coaching and Analysis, has now partnered with Beasy to create a solution for athletes to create, mint, and sell their NFTs. As Beasy CEO Bob Kramich explained,

We built BEASY for people who don’t understand blockchain technology yet want to use it and leverage its incredible benefits. Obsesh is a decentralized, P2P online marketplace running on top of BEASY’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) infrastructure.
— Bob Kramich, Beasy CEO

For athletes who want to break into the world of NFTs, previous solutions did not provide the necessary simplicity that is required due to a hectic schedule of practice, matches, and training. The Obsesh Lockr will provide the same hallmark simplicity for athletes that Obsesh has become known for, but with the added bonus of a barrier-breaking way to connect with fans on levels that were never before a possibility.

This partnership builds upon our commitment to deliver high-passion, high-value digital products to the sports community.
— Obsesh CoFounder & CEO Tracy Benson

The BEASY-enabled Obsesh NFT marketplace will debut to more than 800 student-athletes at the University of North Carolina-hosted Carolina NIL Social on August 22, 2022. Fans will have unprecedented access to be a part of the historic legacy (47 team NCAA national championships and 51 individual national championships) that the UNC Tar Heels have built through purchases of student-athlete created NFTs, while the athletes will have the opportunity to make money in a secure, regulated way. For UNC, the decision to partner with Obsesh and Beasy was a continuation of their support for their student athletes.

At UNC, I’m proud to say that we are student-athlete first. We are focused on student-athlete empowerment and are dedicated to providing our student-athletes access to cutting-edge platforms, group licensees, products, support, and education to maximize their NIL. 
— Kara Cannizzaro, Director of Engagement and Development at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Use of university marks will be officially licensed through CLC, the University’s licensing agent. Player rights for the Beasy NFT program are officially licensed via The Brandr Group's (TBG) group rights program license, which TBG manages on behalf of UNC athletes. Additional information and updates can be found at or

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Obsesh CEO Tracy Benson and Beasy CEO Bob Kramich join Dalton to talk about the exciting new partnership between Obsesh and Beasy to create an athlete-centric NFT marketplace.