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Empowering creators, collectors, and brands to easily mint, buy, sell, trade, and manage their NFT's while protecting your ownership rights and share revenues with confidence, scale, security, and trust.

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For Collectors –
A Different Kind
of Wallet.


BEASY provides collectors with a simple, safe, and accessible way to manage their digital assets.


BUY FAST - Built on Polygon, BEASY transactions settle quickly. Better yet, our platform enables you to buy with both credit card and crypto—you choose.

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OWN WITH CONFIDENCE – All NFTs are certifiably unique, tradeable, and sellable. View, track, and manage all your digital assets in one beautiful user interface.


SELL WITH EASY – Sell your NFTs directly on Shopify and NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. BEASY gives you the flexibility and options to sell how you choose.

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“We’ve been talking with everyone who’s anyone at the intersection of blockchain and entertainment, and while solutions have advanced, BEASY stands out as our winner.”

- Byron Booker
   CEO, Recording Artist Guild